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Urban Health 360

Our #1 objective at UrbanHealth360 is helping urban poor communities engage in organized efforts and activities that will improve individual, familial, and the collective community’s health. By helping urban poor communities zero-in on the health-related issues impacting them as individuals and families, we expect to have a positive effect on all sectors. We believe that poor urban communities are strengthened when their members are healthier and when they have the necessary information, tools, and support to change their own lives.

Our Applied Urban Health (i.e. grassroots urban health) is practiced through our Collaborative Community Action Model. Through collaboration with our partners such as Precious Gems, our local volunteers engage in a participatory process that empowers urban poor in secondary cities to take action on health issues impacting their communities. The result is a cadre of individuals who take responsibility for the health of their fellow community members.

Urban Health was founded by Dr. Yonette F. Thomas, who is one of the board members for the IGHRN platform.


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